Shower Doors & Frameless Showers – Sales & Installation

Stilbaai Glas/Still Bay Glass fabricates and installs custom shower doors, frameless showers as well as bath screens.

Frameless Showers

The latest trend in showers is upmarket frameless showers which are elegant and almost invisible but for the chrome plated hardware such as pull handles and knobs. Also hinges, channels, clamps and mounting brackets, robe hooks and towels rails, to name but a few. There is a choice between clear glass, or three levels of obscure glass if privacy is important. If patterned glass is used, the invisibility of the shower is, of course compromised.

Frameless showers are purpose made and we can assist with the design of your shower and supply 3D mock-up sketches. These drawings will help you to make necessary changes before the final fabrication of your order.

Stilbaai Glas Aluminium Framed Showers

Aluminium Framed Showers

We also supply and install custom aluminium framed shower enclosures and doors which are easy to clean and rust-free. You have a choice between clear glass or textured glass. Clear glass offers an illusion of space, while textured glass offers privacy if that is important. We can supply these products in white or natural anodised aluminium.

Types of Shower Doors

We offer different types of shower doors to suit every taste, bathroom space and pocket.

  • Pivot Doors – swivel doors are contemporary, offering a sleek look to your bathroom. The ball joint of the door can be set at any angle to optimise accessibility. It comes with an inner door splash seal as well as a full length magnetic closing system keeping the door firmly closed.
  • Tri-Slider Doors – these doors are perfect in a bathroom where space is limited. The opening side of the shower is fitted with three panels sliding together while folding or unfolding one by one as the shower door is opened or closed. The maximum entrance space will then be two thirds of the full door. This door is also fitted with the full length magnetic closing system.
  • Corner Entry Doors – this is perfect for a shower where the best entrance will be at one of the corners. It comes with two sliding doors meeting each other at the corner point, opening the corner on two sides. Again, the doors are fitted with the full length magnetic closing system which securely closes the shower.
  • Pentagonal Pivot Doors – instead of having two sliding doors toward the corner of a rectangular shower, this shower is in the form of a pentagon. The entrance panel of the shower is fitted with a swivel door with ball joints as well as the full length magnetic closing system and inner door splash seal.

Bath Screens

In cases where space is an issue, people opt to install a shower head over the bath. Often making use of a curtain hanging from a rail down on the inside of the bath. This can be very annoying and is not very appealing. A bath screen is a stylish alternative to the curtain and will definitely enhance the appearance of your bathroom. The screen is made of SABS approved safety glass and is fitted with a unique drip-seal. This ensures that the tub enclosure is watertight. The beauty of our screens is that they can swivel 180 degrees. Allowing you to step in or out of the bath with ease.