Aluminium Doors & Windows – Sales & Installation

Stilbaai Glas/Still Bay Glass specialises in the manufacturing and installation of aluminium doors and windows. We make use of Eagle Aluminium products from National Glass.

Aluminium Doors

There are various types of doors available to our customers, from traditional hinged doors to many-panelled folding doors. Your choice of door will, of course, depend on the function, location as well as price of the door. We use aluminium to manufacture the frame of the door, the panes of which are made of the safety glass of your choice. You might want to make use of our free advice on the safety glass products available. We use only rust-free hardware on our products.

Stilbaai Glass & Aluminium

Types of Doors

Sliding Doors

  • Patio – This door is the entry level of our aluminium sliding doors which does not compromise on quality and is also reversible. Meaning that you can change your configuration on site at the last minute. You have the choice of upgrading the security of this door. Simply add the night latch and key cylinder. These doors are available in 2, 3, 4 as well as 6 panels. Sidelights and also our fly screens can easily be fitted to this type of door.
  • Renaissance – An upgrade from the patio door, solid with strong inter-lockers and ideal for taller entrances. You have a greater range of handle options on these doors which come standard with a key cylinder and hook lock. You can also choose between 2, 3, 4 and 6 panels as well as add sidelights and/or top-lights.
  • Quad Seal – This attractive contemporary looking mid-range single-glazed sliding door is ideal for residential use and fits somewhere between the Patio and Palace sliding doors. The weather seals on all the panels are even better than those specified by SANS. It comes with a CISA hook lock for extra security and is also available in 2, 3, 4 or 6 panels.
  • Palace/Palace Multi – This door has a heavy-set square profile with the best weatherproofing as well as security features and comes standard with laminated safety glass. You get to choose from a large range of handles for this door which comes in 2, 3, 4 or 6 panels to suit your need.

Folding Doors

Our folding doors do exactly that – when opened they fold up or stack panel by panel. We distinguish between two types of folding doors.

  • Vistafold – these sliding folding doors are tough and durable, offering maximum opening by stacking the panels away to the side. This provides unobstructed views whether they are open or closed. Great for separating internal rooms or for large entertainment areas. The Vistafold doors come with 3 – 10 panels depending on the size of the opening. Of course you do not have to fold away all the panels when you only want to partially open the door.
  • Vista Duo Fold – the Duo Fold doors have become quite popular. They are similar to the above mentioned doors, but they are meant for narrower openings. We offer these doors in even numbered panels, e.g. 2, 4, 2+2 and 4+4. Access is from the inside only, consequently reducing the risk of forced entry. They are often used as windows on upper floors.

Pivot or Swing Doors

Pivot doors swing on a point, top and bottom, unlike standard doors which hang on hinges. The door as a whole swings on this one point without restraint to the movement of the door. These doors can have a specific hold open position, or they can be free swinging. They are suitable for any opening which is protected from the elements of nature. There is no sill/cill, therefore these doors would be a wise choice for high traffic zones. Pivot doors are available in large pane pivot and swing as well as classic pivot and swing.

Hinged Doors

This traditional type of door hangs on hinges and opens 90 degrees or 180 degrees if supplied with sidelights. These doors come in different styles:

  • Large pane, allowing for maximum daylight.
  • Stable door consisting of a bottom door and a top door which can operate as one complete door or as two separate doors.
  • Classic design with a rail in the middle which divides the glass section into a top panel and a bottom panel.
  • Cape Victorian style (multiple panels) offering a country look and feel.

Stable Doors

A stable door comes in two halves or panels which can each operate on its own. The bottom panel can be locked onto the top panel to operated as a full door as well. They are typically used as back doors or serving hatches. These doors are very popular in Still Bay and other coastal areas where you often want to keep the top part open to allow in the cool sea breeze. At the same time keep the bottom half closed to keep out animals and snakes.

Doors with Sidelights or/and Top-lights

These can be fitted to the frame next to, or above, doors either as fixed windows or opening windows. The purpose of such side or top-lights being, of course, to allow in more light or ventilation when the door is closed. Not only do they fill greater openings in the door system, but they can also add structural support.

Aluminium Windows

It does not matter what the design of your window is, we at Stilbaai Glas can provide you with the aluminium frames and glazing. We will also make sure that the glazing meets the safety glass requirements. Windows come in different styles, sizes and shapes, but nothing is too difficult for us to deliver.

Window Styles

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows which are attached to their frame by one or more hinges at the side, either alone or in pairs.

  • Side Hung – side hung windows open outwards and to the side.
  • Top Hung – top hung windows open upwards and outwards and the handle is fitted to the bottom part of the window frame.
  • Fixed – these windows cannot open and are ideal for places where no ventilation is required. They can be supplied in both casement or shop front options. There can be any number of aluminium sections added – vertical (mullions) or horizontal (transoms).

Sliding Windows

  • Horizontal – these windows slide on a rail from side to side and we can supply a variety of ranges and configurations to suit all projects.
  • Vertical – this window has two sashes sliding up and down and works with spring balances in order to move smoothly. Both sashes slide for better ventilation.

Folding Windows

  • Vistafold – this window offers unobstructed views with panels of varying widths sliding open while folding/stacking to provide maximum opening. Ideal for serving hatches as well as entertainment areas and can consist of any number of panels.
  • Vista Duo Fold – the window is ideal for narrower openings and requires even numbered panels. Access is from the inside only and these windows are perfect for higher floors.