The Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

We established this Glass and Aluminium business in the developing coastal town of Still Bay to add exceptional value to homes and business properties. Our quality aluminium and glass products will stand the test of time, relentlessly enduring the typical elements of coastal weather. Not only are our aluminium products strong and rust free, but our glass products also allow for maximum protection without hampering the views.

In essence we see ourselves as leaders in providing strong, graceful structures and also as specialists in the transparency business. Our products will modernise and beautify your property and at the same time keep you and your family or employees safe and protected.

We continuously develop our team of skilled and experienced craftsmen in the latest developments in the industry. They are passionate about their work and proud of their achievements, working tirelessly to deliver a product of the highest quality on time. Our showroom is located in the Plattebosch Centre along Main Road West and our workshop is in the Industrial area in Still Bay East.

Our Mission

Stilbaai Glas/Still Bay Glass endeavours to be the Glass and Aluminium Service Providers of choice in the Hessequa area, Western Cape improving everyday life.

To realise this mission

  • We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers every time
  • Make use of modern and up to date techniques
  • Use the best modern and current tools available
  • Have the finest craftsmen providing the best quality craftsmanship
  • Add exceptional value to buildings providing only quality glass and aluminium products
  • Stay abreast of innovations in the industry
  • Continuously develop the skills of our craftsmen
  • Deliver projects on time, every time
  • Maintain high standards in work as well as safety
  • Warranty our work

We can only be the best if we have a strong value system. Therefore we believe in, and operate according to these core values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Quality work
  • Focus on Customer Service
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Safety consciousness
  • Cost consciousness
  • Believe in being involved in the Community


Stilbaai Glas holds membership of the following leading South African Industry Associations:
SAGGA – South African Glass & Glazing Association (Hulle logo miskien?)
AAAMSA – Architectural Aluminium Association of South Africa (Logo?)

We use aluminium and glass products supplied by the South African company National Glass Distribution. This enterprise is affiliated with AAMSA, SAGGA, SAGI (South African Glass Institute) and SAFIERA (South African Fenestration and Insulation Energy Rating Authority)