Stilbaai Glas/Still Bay Glass is a supplier and installer of plane (sometimes spelled plain) domestic mirrors. A plane mirror has a flat surface and is the only type of mirror which reflects an exact image of something in front of it. Our mirrors are copper-backed with slightly thicker silver and copper layers as well as three layers of special paint. These improve reflectivity as well as protects the mirror against temperature fluctuations, abrasion and UV radiation, as well as offer long-lasting resistance against tarnishing. Our mirrors, furthermore comply with the international standard DIN EN 1036.

We offer a variety of mirrors to be used in various ways in your home such as vanity mirrors for bathrooms. Also tall mirrors for the bedroom or large mirrors to use as an accent piece in your entryway.

Mirrors - Stilbaai Glas

The clever use of mirrors can, of course enhance reflective light as well as create an illusion of space by ‘doubling’ the contents of a room. This attribute of mirrors is often utilised in small bathrooms or dining rooms. Mirrors can also be used simply as a decorative piece, for instance a mirror with a creative frame turning the mirror into an artwork. Any object, such as a bouquet of flowers put in front of a mirror, will seem larger and fuller than it truly is because of its reflection in the mirror.

Mirror Related Services

We offer mirrors of different sizes and thicknesses. We can cut mirrors with straight lines to the size you need, and we can also have straight-line mirrors bevelled and polished for you. Bevelling a mirror means the edges are cut to a specific angle to produce a framed look. Bevelling the edges of a plane mirror creates an elegant, beautiful and expensive look, enhancing the aesthetics of the room as well. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics, bevelling also diminishes sharp corners on the mirror.

Furthermore we can drill holes in mirrors if you need to mount the mirror to a wall. This would be advisable if the mirror is heavy. We do not cut patterned mirrors at our workshop, but we can order specially styled mirrors such as round, oval and heart shaped mirrors, etc.