Security Gates & Burglar Proofing

Stilbaai Glas/Still Bay Glass supplies and installs Eagle Secura Glide security barriers/gates as well as burglar proofing. We have excellent knowledge of the products we offer and we can also advise you on security issues. Do not hesitate to consult with us about our product.

Burglar Bars

We offer transparent burglar bars (Duro bars) and also aluminium strips which we fit using stainless steel hardware. Our company only makes use of rust-free hardware. Both the see-through bars and aluminium strips can be installed on wood, aluminium or steel frames.

Stilbaai Glas Clear See Through Bars

Advantages of Duro Invisible Burglar Bars

  • Made from Dorotuf® solid poly-carbonate flat sheeting which is transparent, unobtrusive and practically indestructible
  • They are rust, as well as maintenance free, making them ideal for coastal areas
  • These bars are UV protected on both sides
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Hail resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing since they are almost invisible
  • Offer a clear vision (92% light transmission)
  • Keep children safely inside and harmful animals outside
  • They do not wear out
  • These bars are resistant to impact

Other Uses of Clear Poly-carbonate And Aluminium Bars

  • We manufacture custom made aluminium frame safety gates with aluminium strips or transparent bars, or part safety glass and part strips/bars. This, of course depends upon the need to see through the door without opening it.
  • Aluminium strips as well as clear durable plastic bars can also be used as burglar bars on windows of houses or commercial buildings.
  • We can also fit these strips or bars to your vehicle’s canopy windows or on the windows of your caravan.
  • These clear bars and aluminium strips can also be installed on balustrades, staircase railings as well as railings on the patio or around the swimming pool. In short, anywhere you need a barrier for whatever purpose, we can design and install these for you.

No burglar bars are of course 100% effective and safe. Any serious burglar will only be delayed while breaking through the bars. It will, though, discourage the petty thief from entering your house or office. The delay can, however, buy you precious time to make alarm and call for help, or to flee from the building.

Eagle Secura Glide Security Barriers

We supply and install standard as well as custom made Eagle Secura Glide security barriers for doors and large windows. These aluminium barriers are made from grade A material only and come standard with multi interlocking system offering added security as well as maximum strength.

Benefits of the Multi Interlocking System

  • The lock is protected
  • It cannot be twisted
  • It is tamper proof


  • We can supply your security barrier in a wide range of colours
  • Standard colours – natural anodised; bronze powder coated (matt); charcoal powder coated (matt) as well as white powder coated (gloss)
  • However, we can match any specified colour in the AkzoNobel powder coated colour chart.