Stilbaai Glas / Still Bay Glass is all about glass and glazing. We are glass specialists supplying and installing a large range of glass products, making provision for all customers’ needs. Feel free to ask our advice on the suitability of different glass products to the job you want it to perform. We can also advise you on how to best clean and take care of the specific type of glass installed in your building.

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Range of Glass Products We Offer

If you need more information on our glass products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Monolithic Annealed

  • Clear Float Glass – float glass is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, creating a sheet of even thickness as well as very flat surfaces. This type of glass is typically used for windows, interior design, picture framing as well as table tops and shelving. We can supply the float glass in clear as well as bronze, grey and also green tinted glass.
  • Tinted Laminated Safety Glass – tough and resilient and excellent safety glass since the PVB layer keeps fragments together in case the glass should break.
  • Low E Glass – Low emissivity coated monolithic glass maximises light transmission while controlling solar heat radiation and glare. It can be used on single glazing as well as double glazing for the best insulation and is SABS approved.
  • Obscure Glass – Obscure or patterned or textured glass offers privacy without the loss of natural or artificial light. Textured glass can also be used in a decorative way and is available in three levels of privacy: low obscurity, (A) medium obscurity, (B) and high obscurity (C)
  • Mirror Glass – Our mirror glass is copper-backed with layers of silver and copper for better reflectivity. In addition three layers of special paint to protect against temperature, the elements as well as abrasion and UV radiation. It complies with the international standard DIN EN 1036.

Laminated Safety Glass

This type of glass is manufactured with a special vinyl inter-layer and is SABS approved. It is available in clear, tinted and acoustic laminated safety glass. The glass is tough and resilient and holds glass together when broken. Furthermore it effectively controls sound and the tinted glass reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation, glare and solar radiation.

Laminated safety glass can be used for interior and exterior windows and doors. Also airports where there is a lot of noise, museums, sound studios and schools. It comes in three performance categories: normal strength, (NS) high penetration resistance, (HPR) and high impact (HI)

Toughened Safety Glass

This glass type is five times stronger than monolithic float glass, is SABS approved and is ideal for bolted structural glazing and frameless applications. It comes in a range of thicknesses as well as colours and is also hail resistant. It has many uses such as all doors, sidelights and sliding doors. Also balcony enclosures, shower doors, bath enclosures, balustrades and kitchen splash-backs. It is also used where additional strength is needed for wind load as well as where the glass will be exposed to high thermal stress.

Double Glazing (SIG Units – Sealed Insulated Glass Units)

Double glazing is manufactured from two or three glass window panes/layers of glass separated by a vacuum or gas filled space. This double or triple pane glass has various advantages such as improved resistance to wind-loads and minimised condensation. It is also designed to reduce the loss of heat and to improve solar energy control and to improve security.

Glass doors and windows play a major role in losing energy (heat) in residential as well as commercial buildings. Evidence shows though that our SIG Units reduce the total amount of thermal emissions and we envision them to become a major trend.

Multi Laminated Glass

  • Bullet Resistant Glass – BRG is produced by using layers of laminated glass. This type of multi laminated glass offers varying degrees of protection depending upon the thickness of the glass. The thickness varies between 28 – 78 mm, is usually heavy and is used in high security areas.
  • Multi Laminates – consists of a combination of glass and vinyl layers of various thickness. This glass type is typically used for table tops, glass stair treads, viewing panels in swimming pools as well as swimming pool rims flows.

Fire-Rated Glass

We offer clear or textured Georgian wired fire-rated glass which is suitable for use in fire as well as non-fire applications. Wired glass, of course offers more security than non-wired glass with a fire rating of 30 minutes. We also offer Pyran S borosilicate (low melting) glass with a 2 hour fire rating. This glass type is typically used in fire doors, partitions as well as windows in buildings where safety glass is not a requirement.