SFF Window Film Suppliers and Installers

Stilbaai Glas/Still Bay Glass supplies and installs SFF (Solar Film Foundation) clear or tinted window film for glass in residential as well as commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of high performance window film to solve common glass related problems. Problems such as heat and glare,a need for privacy, security and safety. Should you have any of these problems, we kindly invite you to visit our office where you can peruse samples of our products. Let us discuss your problem and find the best solution to the problem together.

SSF Window Film Range

Heat and Glare

Solar window film will improve indoor climate control and protect fabrics, floors and artwork against fading by filtering UV rays. Furthermore, especially in a commercial environment, glare can make it unpleasant to focus on computer screens and other equipment. Solar control window film reduces the glare and heat, but does not affect the natural light. There is no maintenance needed after installation and it can be wiped clean with water and a squeegee.


Privacy window film keeps your property safe against prying eyes and come in two main categories:

Daytime one-way privacy – this film offers a reflective look on one side of the glass, at the same time allowing you to see through it from the other side. Perfect for home windows or for office windows which are situated on street level.
Two-way Privacy – we offer a range of frosted films which are guaranteed to ensure two-way privacy. This film has the appearance of sandblast glass, and, although one cannot see through it, high levels of light still pass through. A perfect solution to offices where there are glass partitions and glass doors offering no privacy at all.
Safety and Security

These films come in a range of thicknesses, performance levels as well as finishes of which the clear option is the most popular. It can be used together with other window films offering privacy, and heat and glare reduction as well. When it breaks, which is not so easy, the pieces stick to the film protecting people from being cut by shards of flying glass.

Designer and Decorative Film

Use this type of film on your office partitions and transform the workplace into a stylish, elegant and pleasant environment. Our frosted films creates the illusion of an acid etched glass. We can supply designs, anything from 3 cm squares to classic pinstripes. You just have to come and see the possibilities for yourself.

Colour Window Film

Coloured window film is simple, transparent and cost effective and will completely change the appearance of your glass. The SFF Rainbow coloured film offers a whole range of colours which make glass look like coloured glass, sacrificing no natural light or transparency.

Coloured Vinyl Film

The vinyl films are solid colour films and also come in a range of vibrant colours to be applied to windows, doors or partitions. These films are not transparent making them a colourful way to solve a privacy problem. Our vinyl films from LG Hausys are long lasting, durable as well as versatile.